One time registration fee = $200
Yearly School Supply fee = $500
Monthly Tuition (fees vary by grade)

No additional investment required.


Parents are required to submit a completed Application Form to the Summerland Montessori School. Download form here.

Head of School Conference

A conference with the parents and Head of School will be arranged upon receipt of an application, a copy of the child’s most recent report card and a formal visit to the school. The interview will establish or confirm:

  • The parents’ commitment to a Montessori-style education.
  • The parents’ understanding of the school policies and procedures including school support hours and volunteer requirements. (see below)
  • The parent’s acceptance of the tuition obligations associated with attending The Summerland Montessori School.

Acceptance & Registration

Upon acceptance of a child into the school, parents will be required to complete and submit a registration form, an academic history and a health record and submit a one time $200.00 Registration Fee. All fees are made payable to the South Okanagan Montessori School Society (SOMSS).


In order to keep tuition low, volunteering is a vital part of our school community. It is an excellent way to befriend other parents as well as foster the strong family bonds for which our school is known. It gives each of us a sense of ownership and pride in the school to which we have all contributed. We respect that time is invaluable, so an option to pay higher tuition in lieu of the volunteer time is available.

Tuition Assistance

We offer bursaries for families with demonstrated need. Child Care Subsidy is available in our SELC program. Please contact us for more information.

Supplies & Activities include:

  • School Supplies: pens, pencils, binders, rulers, pencil crayons etc. Parents don’t have to join the back to school mob in September.
  • Field Trips: individual classroom trips and year end trips.
  • Activities: skating sessions and swimming sessions (Fall and Winter). Swimming is two complete sets of lessons, 16 sessions in total. Students have the opportunity to earn two levels of Red Cross badges.
  • Other: class photograph, the first SMS Assembly T-Shirt.

The Supplies and Activities Fee is $500.00.

For Information about admission to our Daycare Click Here